T-shirt Order Form

Swim team email listing will be finalized later this week based on the applications, but this is how people can join the Remind. This will only be used for last minute information, important reminders, or emergencies. Primary event notifications will be via email.

5/8/17 Banner Order Forms are due by May 15th. Artwork is being finalized, you can go ahead and order them at the following link. If you have already ordered on paper, you do not have to order online. EXTENDED TO WEDNESDAY, MAY 17!!!!

Banner Form Forms

Swim Team Information:

1. Swim team starts Monday May 15th

3:30-4:00 for developmental group
4:00-5:00 for 10 and under
5:00-6:30 for 11 and up

2. Swim team signups will continue through May 24th

3. Last day for banners is May 15th

4/8/17 Camelot Swim Team Info Sheet

Every swimmer MUST fill out concussion form found on Camelot’s
Website under swim forms.

Practice Times:
May 15th-24th- developmental group * 3:30-4p, 10U group 4:00-5p, 11 and up
Beginning May 26th developmental group 8:30-9, 10U group 9:00-10:00, and 11
and up 10:15-11:50.
*Developmental Group is for kids 4 and up unable to swim the length of the pool.
Some exceptions will be made for ISR kids.

Swim Meets:
• Dual Meets: May 31, June 7, 14, 21, & 28 (Please sign absentee sheet on bulletin board if you are unable to attend a meet).
• City Meet: July 8 & 9 at Brahan Springs Natatorium
• Home Meets: arrive 5:15pm with warm ups beginning at 5:30pm
• Away meets: arrive 5:45pm with warm ups beginning at 6pm
• All meets begin at 6:30
• Swim meet themes and schedules will be posted as soon as possible
• As a team, we traditionally eat together at CiCi’s pizza after each dual meet

Each family will be responsible for:
• Volunteering at 3-4 of our 5 swim meets. Volunteering opportunities will be available via Signup Genius.
• Providing one 24 pack of name brand soda or Gatorade for concessions. Due by May 30th.
• Providing fruit and baked goods for concessions. Schedule will be provided via email.
• Fundraiser! Please sell one city meet heat sheet ad. Camelot will be reimbursed from RCSL for 65% of the ad sales! Those funds are used for team operating expenses. Due by June

Camelot Swim Team Suits:
• Each swimmer needs a team suit.
• 1st Place will be at Camelot May 18th from 4-6:30.
• Girls suit is $53, boys jammer is $35 or the racer is $29.
• Camelot team suits are also available at First Place Athletics.
• Swim caps will be provided

Swim Memberships

Swim Memberships allow access to Camelot for Swim Team activities. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that Swim Members leave the pool area when the Swim Team activity concludes.