Membership – for sale by owner

NameEmailPhonePrice of Bond
( these are equity memberships)
This is paid to seller
Yearly Dues-
This is paid to pool

Contact the Membership Chairperson for any questions.

Purchasing/Selling Procedure-Member Owned Bonds

Sellers: Fill out this form membership sale – Google Forms and you will be added to the list of memberships for sale. Once a sale has been made, please contact the membership chairman. Make sure to review details on the form.

Buyers: See table with memberships available. Contact the seller for payment. Once the exchange has been made, please fill out the membership application (below) & email to the membership chairperson and treasurer to make arrangements for payment. Please include your full name, address and the name of the membership you purchased. Once the application has been received by the membership chairperson, the Camelot Board has approved your application, and dues received your name will be added to the membership list. We use an electronic check in system now and do not use membership certificates.

Membership Application:

New online application: Camelot Pool Application – Google Forms

Membership SPECIAL- Information to purchase new board owned membership- available through June then price increases to normal.  This only starts AFTER all member owned bonds are sold. 

Bonded Membership

  1. Fill out application ( link at bottom of page)  List all your household members. One membership covers the household/family. 
  2. Fees:
    1. Bond (one time)-$100 during the special ( normally $250)  this is your equity. If you leave years down the road this is the part you sell. If we ever sold the pool this is what would ensure you get your share. You become a part owner in the pool.
    2. Dues (yearly) : Currently $475 . You can earn $ 50 back after 4 hours of sweat equity. Since the pool is open most has been done but we always need people for closing too. 
    3.  So total is $575 during this special 
  3. These do not go on sale until current members bonds are sold. 

2022 Summer Package Special 

  1. Cost- $200 for 50 visits. This is limited to one “18 or older” single not married ( example college student or young adult). No multiple in the same household i.e. mother or father and child. No guests allowed- may only be used by the person who purchased package. This is a “guest” package so not entitled to voting. 
  2. Follow same process as above- read bylaws, then fill out application and submit to membership chair. 

Other Membership Types

Swim/Dive Team Only Memberships

Total Cost = $125.00/family plus fees for swimmer/diver per year

  • Limited to Swim/Dive Team Activities only
  • Swim/Dive team fees, per child, not included
  • No Guest Privileges
  • Non-Transferable
  •  Pick Swim/Dive team as type

Email to [email protected] or

Mail to:

Camelot Recreation Association

PO Box 14081

Huntsville, AL  35815

updated membership information

If any of your information has changed (address, email, phone #, etc.) please take time to print/complete and forward to [email protected] so we can have the most current information on you.  membershipupdateform