Certificate of Membership

If you have a membership with Camelot and have not received a Certificate of Membership, please contact the Membership Board Representative at [email protected].


Memberships for Sale

The recommended method for purchasing memberships is to first check the listing below for memberships for sale by members. If no memberships are for sale, please contact the current membership coordinator at [email protected] to see if any board-owned membership are available.


Memberships For Sale by Owner

NameEmailPhoneAsking PriceDues OwedTransfer FeeTotal

If the above membership(s) has/have already been sold please contact the Board of Directors to inquire about Board owned memberships for sale.


Purchasing Procedure

After you have contacted a seller, a selling price is agreed upon, and money has been exchanged for the membership, please obtain from the seller their old certificate of membership. On the back of the seller’s certificate is a place to sign the certificate over to the new buyer. If the seller cannot find the original certificate, a signed letter from the seller stating that they are transferring their membership to you will be acceptable.

Once the exchange has been made, please contact the membership chairperson to make arrangements to receive an application for membership. You may do this by emailing [email protected]. Please include your full name, address and the name of the membership you purchased. Once the application has been received by the membership chairperson, and the Camelot Board has approved your application, your name will be added to the membership list. There is a $35.00 transfer fee due when membership application is submitted. Please note that a new certificate will be mailed to you naming you as the new membership owner. Your name will be placed on the membership list at the pool for admittance. Unless you hear otherwise, you can assume your membership has been approved.

** Please see note below regarding annual dues.


Other Membership Types

Summer Only Membership

Total Cost = $495.00

  • Limited One- or Two Year temporary membership with non-voting status
  • Renewable for second year only if Board approves, case-by-case review
  • Non-Transferable
  • Print and complete the Membership Application (click here)
  • Write “Summer Only” across top


Swim/Dive Team Only Memberships:

Total Cost = $100.00/family plus $65 per swimmer/diver per year

  • Limited to Swim/Dive Team Activities only
  • Swim/Dive team fees, per child, not included
  • No Guest Privileges
  • Non-Transferable
  • Print and complete the Membership Application (click here)
  • Write “Swim/Dive Team Only” across top