We are hiring!

Now Hiring!

 Camelot is looking for staff for the 2021 Summer!

Pool Manager/Co-Mangers – oversee the lifeguards and facility to ensure
the safety of the patrons in all swimming areas and successful pool operations. 
Lifeguard- oversee the Camelot pools, ensuring the safety of the
patrons in all swimming areas.   All lifeguards require current certifications prior
to start of work.
Swim Coaches-Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Junior coaches– The swim
coach oversees the swim team program and provides feedback on execution
and direction during practice and meets.

All past employees are required to reapply.
Work Permit Application and Eligibility to Work required for all
applicants 15 years of age.



Please complete the application and return to Lynn Dingo at
[email protected] or mail to:

Camelot Recreation Association
Attn: Lynn Dingo, Personnel
PO Box 14081
Huntsville, AL 35815

Deadline for applications is March 1, 2021.