Camelot Pool Work Parties


Below are the dates for the upcoming work parties. Most of the work is scheduled for the month of April with additional/backup dates in May.

April Dates and Times:

4/7         10am to 4pm
4/14       10am to 4pm
4/21       11am to 5pm
4/28       10am to 4pm

May Dates and Times:

5/5           TBD
5/12         TBD

Punch List for First Work Party:

Work Punch List:

1)   Remove trash and debris from pool grounds (leaves, tree limbs, etc…)
2)   Repair and clear beds of weeds and spot treat with weed killer
3)   Freshen up mulch in front and side beds
4)   Trim all bushes and trees around pool
5)   Remove and spot treat weeds growing in parking lot
6)   Sweep / blow debris from parking lot
7)   Repaint front sign frame
8)   Shore up fence with temporary braces
9)   Cut out broken fence posts
10) Set new fence posts in ground with concrete
11) Install chain fence along driving path next to tennis courts (TBD).

What I need people to bring:

1)   Gloves
2)   Gas string trimmers
3)   Hedge trimmers
4)   Blowers
5)   Rakes
6)   Shovels
7)   Post driver
8)   Wheelbarrows
9)   Safety Glasses
10) Ladders

For participating at a work party (4 hour minimum) you will be reimbursed $50 from your annual dues.   You must sign in and out on the date you work so we can send to our treasurer. Reimbursements will be paid out 2 times this year – first week in May and week after closing (September).