Pool Hours During School Season

Camelot Members,

As you know, school starts back Wednesday, August 2. The board is happy to announce that for the 2d year the pool will open a few mornings a week for members who are home during the day and parents with young children.

Beginning Wednesday, August 2, we will be open 10-1 (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and reopen each day @ 4:00. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be 4-8 and Saturday and Sunday hours will remain the same.

For this coming week, hours are:
Sunday, July 30, 1-8
Monday, July 31, 10-8
Tuesday, August 1, 10-8
Wednesday, August 2, 10-1 and 4-8
Thursday, August 3, 4-8
Friday, August 4, 10-1 and 4-9
Saturday, August 5, 10-9

Hours from Aug 3 to season closing:
Sunday, 1-8
Monday, 10-1 and 4-8
Tuesday, 4-8
Wednesday, 10-1 and 4-8
Thursday, 4-8
Friday, 10-1 and 4-9
Saturday, 10-9

The hours may have to change depending on the weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Each week the definite days/hours will be posted on Facebook for your convenience. There is also the chance that if no interest is shown (no one is utilizing the facility during these hours), we will reassess.

Guard situation –

1. During the extended hours, we will only have a skeleton staff (2 guards) that will be working. Because of this, there will only be 1 pool open. It may be the big pool or the junior pool depending on where the majority of the guests want to swim on each particular day.

2. When the pool opens at 4:00, we may only have enough staff for one pool as well. Many of our guards have left for college and even more are unavailable to come directly after school due to football, cheering, wrestling, JROTC, etc.

Thank you for your understanding.