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Membership Information

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Full Memberships For Sale by Owner

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Swim/Dive Team Memberships

Summer Only Memberships

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Annual Summer Dues

- April 1st - Dues of $425.00 Are Owed *

- April 30th - Last day to pay Dues without Late Fee

- May 1st - Late Fee ($75.00) assessed ($500 Owed)

- May 31st - Last day to pay Dues & Late Fee

- June 3rd - Memberships with unpaid Dues Repossessed by the Board

* Dues includes a $50.00 Work Party Fee, that will be reimbursed upon member participation in a Work Party (2 hour minimum)

Send Payment to:

Camelot Recreation Association

P.O. Box 14081

Huntsville, 35815

Camelot Drop Box is at the US Post Office on Whitesburg Drive. Not at the Pool office. Spend a Stamp for Safe & Secure Delivery.

**If you purchased a membership after the dues have been paid by the seller, the seller may ask you pay a prorated amount of the annual dues. This is strictly between the seller and buyer. The annual dues are $425 which includes a $50 work party fee. This fee will be reimbursed by either working a 2 hour work party, as to be announced by the board via the newsletter, or by working a social event during the pool season. This fee is refundable after you have worked a work party or social event.

For Membership questions or to purchase a memberships from the board
please email Mary McCutcheons at:

Click here for Membership Application PDF (5kb)

*If you have a change of Address, Phone #, or Email please contact Mary McCutcheons with new info*